About us

Why Italian wines?

Italian wine is so great, so diverse and so tasty. But it's precisely because of this diversity that customers – even more experienced wine drinkers – find Italian wine tricky to navigate.

You don't always have to be sipping Ornellaia and Sassicaia to be classy (although we do recommend it on occasion). At Wine It, we have travelled the whole of Italy to find the best pick of independent, outperforming wineries that produce absolutely outstanding wine, so you don't have to.

Why we started Wine It 

Our mission is to help wine lovers find the best value-for-money Italian wines – and we've got you covered for every occasion. 


We take pride in working with independent wineries, and we make the promise of delivering our wines directly from vineyard to table

We hope that as you sample our wines, you'll be able to further your appreciation for the rich history and culture of Italy. We hope that our wines will bring special experiences, memories and smiles.

And finally, we hope that you, like us, will discover boundless pleasure in travelling through the country with your palate. 


Who's behind Wine It?

Founded by Riccardo Gavelli, sommelier and wine expert, the Wine It team has then grown to become a passionate team spanning across the UK and Italy. There's no denying we're Italian, but we're equally British.