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Amaro Montenegro - MONTENEGRO

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It was born in Bologna in 1885 from the rebellious genius of the young Stanislao Cobianchi in homage to Princess Elena of Montenegro, future queen of Italy. D'Annunzio will praise it calling it "liqueur of virtues".

The Amaro Montenegro recipe involves the use of 40 aromatic herbs and a complex extraction and mixing process that make the product unique and inimitable. Once in the herbalist workshop, the selected aromatic herbs go through three main methods of extraction: boiling, maceration and distillation. From this long and complex process, twelve mother essences are obtained which, skilfully blended, give life to the six aromatic notes that characterize the product. The last note, as well as the most important, is the "prize", the result of the micro-distillation of five aromatic herbs that seals the perfect symphony of aromas.

A bitter with an amber color, which on the nose expresses a complex aroma, and on the palate it surprises with a pleasantly balanced taste between sweet and bitter notes.

Sommelier pairing
Try it straight, with ice or as an original ingredient in classic and innovative cocktails.

How to serve
Serveat temperature approx. 12 °C