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Aperol is the most iconic, characteristic and trendy orange aperitif from 1919 to today. The history of Aperol has its roots even in the period of the dominion of the Austrians, who drank wine with a part of water, as is still savored today in some areas of the Veneto.

As we understand it today, Aperol Spritz was born for the first time in 1919 at the Padua fair, from the intuition of the Barbieri brothers: shortly thereafter, in 1930 Aperol began to become popular, becoming a trendy drink.

The drink then, the one based on Prosecco and not wine, would become famous in 1950 thanks to advertising campaigns from America. These are the years in which the first spots in the Carosello are broadcast. Today Aperol is also an icon of fashion and lifestyle, with an incredible tendency to seduce and please everyone.

The rest of the story is written every day.

Produced according to a secret recipe, the result of 7 years of continuous experimentation, it includes three parts of Prosecco, a slice of bitter orange, gentian, cinchona, rhubarb and other herbs and roots. It opens to the nose with a distinctive citrus trace supported by herbaceous and vanilla notes. The taste is intense, round and velvety, with a characteristic and pleasant bitter sweet center.

Sommelier pairing
Aperol Spritz is the perfect drink to accompany the happy hour ritual, ideal to be served straight or with ice: you cannot walk through the aperitif streets without noticing its orange color that shines in the glasses of the people who sip it, accompanied from an olive to accentuate the flavor of the drink. Ideal in combination with the classic Venetian sandwich, it is also excellent to accompany the whole meal.

How to serve
Serve at temperature approx. 4-6 °C