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Bardolino DOC Stile Naturale 2019 - COTTINI

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Sommelier pairing
Ideal for everyday cooking, from pasta with meat sauce to risotto with cheeses, from roast chicken to pork stew, through cold cuts and cheeses and lake fish dishes. Light and fruity, it seems made to be drunk in company.
How to serve
Serve at temperature approx. 16-18 °C


Bardolino Doc Cottini Stile Naturale is born in the Caprino Veronese estate, from certified "Biodiversity Friend" vineyards.

This typical Venetian red interpreted by Cottini from organic grapes, ferments in steel, where it remains in contact with the yeasts until bottling.

The result is a delicately fruity and soft red, with hints of red fruits, cherries and violets and a fresh, lively taste that invites the second glass.