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Bitter Campari - CAMPARI

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Red, sanguine, passionate, bitter, iconic: a recipe that has been kept secret until today, directly from the intuition of Gaspare Campari. All this and much more is the Italian bitter Campari, an alcoholic drink born in Novara and consecrated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. It is in 1904 that the company's first production plant is opened in Sesto San Giovanni, which will then become the center of all its activity.

Ambassador of style and elegance, the Campari Group is one of the symbols of the city of Milan, which then became an icon of Italian character all over the world, thanks also to the splendid advertising, from futurist to pop, from modernist to post-contemporary. Directors of the caliber of Federico Fellini and Paolo Sorrentino have created the advertisements and artists such as Felice Mosca, Attilio Rossi and Giovanni Mingozzi express the energy of Campari through posters inspired by the world of sport.

But it is in the 80s that this drink is consecrated in the Olympus of Milanese aperitifs. It was then in the 1990s that Campari launched the famous "Red Passion" advertising campaign, which focuses on what will then become the cornerstones of the company's values: passion, cosmopolitan approach, uniqueness and prestige. It is impossible to forget the persuasive voice of the woman who in the advertising syllables the claim: Campari, Red Passion.

Easy to drink, in color and taste it gives its best. The recipe with which it is prepared is known to very few workers in the production process, however there are those who assume there are over 20, perhaps even up to 80, ingredients in its formulation.

It has a bright carmine red color. It has an intense aroma reminiscent of grapefruit and orange, to which herbaceous and clove notes are added. In the mouth it is characterized by a pleasant bitter taste, perceived against a warm and velvety background.

Sommelier pairing
Versatile drink like few, splendid to drink on ice, it is an excellent base for the preparation of famous cocktails such as the Americano, the Spritz, the Negroni and the Negroni Sbagliato. Perfect as an aperitif.

How to serve
Serve at room approx. 4-6 °C