Delicate White Grappa “Val de Brun” - ASTORIA - Wine It
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Delicate White Grappa “Val de Brun” - ASTORIA

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How to serve
Serve it between 14°-16°C

Astoria's “Val De Brun” Grappa is the result of an assemblage of white Venetian and Friulian grape marcs that offer good aromatic complexity on the nose and personality in the sip. The one-year refinement in steel perfectly integrates all the organoleptic characteristics of the different grape varieties, creating an elegant and harmonious product, ideal for finishing a dinner with friends.
It is transparent and bright. The nose is rich with fruity, floral and herbaceous aromas, with hints of ripe fruit and grapes upfront. On the palate is firm and straightforward, with a very pleasant and round soft sip, of goo complexity and persistence.