Malbech IGT Veneto 2020 - BORGA - Wine It

Malbech IGT Veneto 2020 - BORGA

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Sommelier pairing
You can go wild with this one. Try grilled eel skewer and white polenta chips. Grilled tofu skewers and white polenta chips with guacamole. No eel or tofu in your fridge? You can never go wrong with steak.

How to serve
To taste it better, leave it at a temperature of 14-16°C.

This is a wine you can feel with all five senses. It's a ray of sunshine. It's a warmhearted friend with a taste for adventure. It's rich, feisty and delicate.

Intense ruby red with youthful reflections. Fragrant on the nose with notes of fresh
cherries and currants followed by floral hints of violet. The taste is agile with a pleasant softness that is well balanced by the vivacious acidity and a barely perceptible tannin. Juicy and fruity finish.