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Montefalco Rosso DOC 2017 - LUNGAROTTI

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Montefalco Rosso represents one of the symbolic wines of Umbrian oenology. This Montefalco sees the light inside the Lungarotti company.

It is obtained from the assembly of Sangiovese, Merlot and Sagrantino vines, collected in September. After fermentation in steel with maceration lasting twenty-eight days, the wine is left to mature for twelve months in barriques and 30 Hl wooden barrels. Bottle aging follows for about a year.

The Montefalco Rosso di Lungarotti shows a ruby red color with purple reflections. The nose shows a good and elegant aromatic complexity, with spicy notes of cinnamon, vanilla, cinchona, which are tied to hints of wood and red fruits. In the mouth it offers a great structure, with a very pleasant tannin that accompanies towards a toasted and very persistent finish.

Sommelier pairing
Perfect in combination with stewed white meats, it also goes very well with pasta dishes with meat sauce and spelled or legume soups. Find its ideal dish in the lamb coratella.

How to serve
Serve at temperature approx. 16-18 °C