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Vecchio Amaro Del Capo - CAFFO

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Twenty-nine officinal herbs among flowers, fruits, herbs and roots make up Vecchio Amaro del Capo liqueur, directly from the magical and suggestive Calabrian land. The name is inspired by the town of Capo Vaticano, near Tropea, depicted on the label, a place characterized by a wild and spontaneous vegetation of herbs, fruit and roots, the same that make up the ingredients of this characteristic liqueur, inextricably linked to the territory. Licorice, peppermint, anise seeds, mandarin, chamomile, hyssop, juniper, bitter and sweet orange: an extract of happiness.

An ancient Calabrian recipe, acquired by the four generations of the family, is secret and is handed down from generation to generation by the Caffo family, improved by the distillers to offer the quintessence of a territory, the Calabrian one, which knows no rivals: today it is one of the bitters most known and appreciated in the world.

To be enjoyed strictly frozen, it releases all its aromatic scents at a temperature of - 20 °: gentle and aromatic is the symbol of the Caffo distillery. Deep amber color tending to reddish, it opens on persuasive herbaceous hints which are accompanied by sweet aromas of honey and vanilla. The taste is sweet and aromatic, sweet, rich in nuances, crossed by notes of bitter orange, licorice and juniper which prelude to a pleasantly spicy finish.

Sommelier pairing
Excellent digestive, it is excellent drunk frozen to complete a meal. It creates exclusive cocktails such as Capo Tonic, Capo Sour and White from Capo Russian.

How to serve
Serve at temperature approx. -20 °C