You don’t have to be a connoisseur to have encountered a fair few glasses of Merlot, but how much do you really know about this much loved red? Read on to discover our top 5 Merlot facts.

Fact #1 - Merlot was first recorded in Venice in 1855
In Italy, Merlot was first mentioned in 1855 in the Venice area under the synonym Bordò. Merlot's popularity stemmed in part from the relatively easy pronunciation of the wine name, but also from its softer, fruitier profile that made it more accessible to some wine drinkers.
Merlot is not a native grape variety in Italy, yet it is a popular partner of grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, (along with Sangiovese) in a style of wine affectionately called "Super Tuscan". In Veneto, Merlot's low acidity serves as a balance for the higher acidity in many Italian wine grapes with the grape often being used in blends
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Fact #2 - It is the second most popular grape in the world
Merlot is the second most popular grape in the entire world. It is only narrowly surpassed by another grape, Cabernet Sauvignon; another unique red wine that you can find in Venetian vineyards. Also, Merlot is one of the most widely grown grapes in the world, it is the second most popular wine in the world, thanks to its smoothness and drinkability.

Fact #3 - There's a dedicated Merlot Day
Did you know that Merlot is celebrated every year on November 7? International Merlot Day!

Fact #4 - Merlot is not just for red meat
Merlot is a perfect pairing with aged Asiago cheese or a quiche with white onions and almonds. Not to mention it's great with roasts, grilled red meats and rich poultry dishes like duck or guinea fowl.

Fact #5 Merlot is fruity
Bright ruby red, it opens with aromas reminiscent of fresh fruits like cherry and pomegranate, followed by peppery notes and some herbaceous hints. The palate is resolute with lively freshness and tannins that are present but not intrusive. The finish is satisfyingly rounded off by notes of red fruit

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