We've been excited to launch our newest collection from Borga, a dynamic Venetian winery run by the youngest generation of the family. To celebrate and bring you closer to this winery, I asked our founder, Riccardo, to share with us how he came to choose Borga and to share his favourites with us.

Hi Riccardo, are you ready to let us enter the Borga world?
Pronto? Ciao Francesca, I'm ready to start

What are you looking for in a winery?
I am always looking for authenticity, quality, and a fair price for our customers.

How did you hear about Borga?
I met the owners of Borga a few years ago, not in Italy but at the London Wine Fair and I was really excited about their products. We met again years later and I had the opportunity to see how the approach of the winery had changed: they had new labels, a new brand image and the quality of the products (already high) had improved. It’s always nice to see how small business grow over time and develop.

What impressed you about this winery?
First of all, it is a young company that works with passion, and then the wines themselves impressed me. I was especially impressed with the white wines, which have an extreme drinkability and are very pleasant. I think they appeal to the English market very much, because people appreciate quality made with elegant simplicity which is Borga's style.

How would you describe Borga in three words?
Dynamic, colorful, easy-drinking.

What do we need to know about the collection?
They are beautifully uncomplicated wines which are very enjoyable. Moreover, with Borga you can drink a wine that is characterised by pleasantness, you can't find anywhere else, especially with the competitive price. It is also important to emphasise that Borga are producers and not bottlers, they manage to propose a great chain wine directly from the producer.

What are your favourite bottles and why?
My number one, Chardonnay. We don't usually expect such a high quality Chardonnay at such a competitive price. Moreover, it is drinkable with an important acidity that makes it dynamic, also it almost reminds me of Chablis of Burgundy for its roundness and balance.
My second choice...Pinot grigio. In recent years, this vine has been underestimated and lost popularity due to the price war that has developed, especially in the English and American markets. Pinot Grigio from Borga goes back to its origins, it is a wine with a high quality characteristic. It has a quality, a purity, that makes you understand why Pinot Grigio has been successful in the world.

Thank you Riccardo for sharing! Last question, where can we learn more about the collection?
Grazie! For more info head to our collection page here https://www.wineitshop.co.uk/collections/all/winery_borga