Did you know that there are vegan wines?
The spread of the culture of vegetarian and vegan food has consequently led to the idea of bringing vegan wines to the market.

But when is a wine considered vegan?
Although wine is clearly already a vegetable product, oenologists also need albumin, casein and isinglass (all derivatives of animal origin), that is clarifiers, to produce it. It is a process that aims to stabilise the wine - both white, red and rosé - eliminating suspended substances, so as to make it more limpid.
In vegan wines no component of animal origin is used: thanks to the use of technology and the use, where necessary, of fining agents of fossil origin - such as rock dust - or made with plant extracts.
If you are vegan or planning a vegan dinner and you don't know what to combine with your dishes, we will come to the rescue!

If you can't give up a red wine, Cabernet Franc, it's for you!
Read for yourself how the winery describes this wine:
This wine is an absolute roadtripper. Warm, fresh and a little herbal. Grab the bottles from the trunk and get the good times rolling.
Ruby red with bright reflections. A highly fragrant nose that opens with scents of small red fruits and spicy notes of pepper and roots. On the palate the freshness harmoniously leads to softer sensations. The tannin is velvety and accompanies the pleasant and savoury finish.
It's the perfect wine for tofu lovers.

Are you a go-getter? This wine's for you. Conscientious, expressive, and radiant. Gets hands-on with nature and discover your authentic self.
Bright and intense straw yellow. Fragrant profile on the nose with essences of golden
apple and yellow peach, with tropical hints and wild flowers. On tasting, the initial fresh sensation evolves into a body with a solid structure animated by continuous fruity references. Juicy finish enlivened by a pleasant saline component.

If you prefer delicate flavors that refer to summer, Prosecco Rosè is your ally!
It appears a delicate, pale pink, with a leisurely bead of pin-point bubbles. The bouquet boasts a fragrant medley of white peach, wild strawberry, and Pink Lady apple, backgrounded by seductive hints of sweetbriar. It is dry, clean-edged, and straightforward on the palate, with a finely balanced progression and lovely, fruit-infused finish.
Sweet raw vegetables with salt and pepper are the perfect companion for this Prosecco Rosè!

Vegan wines have nothing to envy to traditional wines, they are not only for people who embrace the vegan movement but they are for everyone!

Give them a chance to change your mind