Does everybody loves truffle?
Italy’s best-known area for truffles is Piedmont in the north.
The city of Alba, the white truffle capital of the world, draws hundreds of thousands of food and wine enthusiasts every year. 

Have you ever eaten truffles?
The tuber terrae - as it was called - is a very particular mushroom that grows underground, along with the roots of oaks and holm oaks.
The truffle is so desirable and precious also because it cannot be cultivated. These lumpy, rough and very fragrant nuggets are a real delicacy and there are, in Europe alone, more than 30 different species.
Only truffle hunters can find it in the woods with the help of their dogs. The most prized truffle of all is the white one, also called Alba, light ocher coloured, with a globular appearance and a very intense and penetrating perfume.

Sordo winery
The company's headquarters are in Castiglione Falletto, surrounded by some of their vineyards.
The underground cellar, 12 meters below ground, ensures that the wines are stored at the right temperature. If you want to know the place where the best wines are kept, you must visit the magical infernòt, a Piedmontese word meaning "small dark cellar", where the family jealously keeps the best wines, and then follow the tunnel where large bottle formats age, down to the new tasting room.
WineLingo -  Infernot

The Piedmontese term infernòt denotes a subterranean space built by hand by excavating stones from cantons.
The common feature of cellars and infernòt is the absence of light and direct ventilation.
The structures known as infernòt are closely linked to the centuries-old history of viticulture in Piedmont and are therefore found in the hilly areas of this region, which are intensively cultivated with wine.